We empower you to prepare, manage, and respond to natural disasters. When the time comes to stand up, Aquamonix Solutions ensures you have the data and insights on hand to make time critical decisions.

Driven by Australia’s changing climate, natural hazards are becoming increasingly frequent and intense, with no person or place immune to disasters or disaster-related losses.

At Aquamonix Solutions we believe in a move from the reactive to the proactive & the provision of reliable data and critical warnings to significantly reduce the loss of life, property and economic burden.

We understand that lives depend on our systems – They cannot fail & they must be supported. With built in diagnostics and redundancies, we build engineered solutions to work when they need to.

We can help with

Designing, building and supporting your disaster management & warning system. We collaborate with government, industry and communities to build disaster monitoring and warning systems that are fault tolerant and deliver the right information at the right time.

Empowering you to prepare, manage and respond to natural disasters

Disaster projects

Sapphire Flood & Fire Warning Sirens

Central Highlands Regional Council
Sapphire, QLD

Wallaville Camera

Queensland Water Authority
Wallaville, Qld

Toowoomba Flood Warning

Toowoomba Regional Council
Toowoomba, QLD

Lockyer Valley

Lockyer Valley Regional Council
Gatton, QLD