We understand the need to know the condition, position, and integrity of critical assets in real-time, at all times. Combining smart technologies with years of experience Aquamonix Solutions provides innovative and trusted solutions to increase efficiency, prevent incidents, reduce costs and keep assets operational.

The infrastructure and construction markets cover a multitude of technical and monitoring constraints, all of which share a common requirement, understanding the impact of an activity on assets and the environment.

Aquamonix Solutions has built a reputation for excellence by harnessing the power of smart technologies and intelligent monitoring platforms to manage risk, enhance operational efficiencies & remotely assess conditions through data driven decision making.

Infrastructure projects

Hay PID Irrigation Automation

Hay Private Irrigation District
Hay, NSW

Murrumbidgee Irrigation

Murrumbidgee Irrigation
Murrumbidgee, NSW

Evergreen Farms

Evergreen Farms
Emerald, Queensland

City of Stirling Irrigation System

City of Sterling
Perth, WA