Hay PID Irrigation Automation


Hay Private Irrigation District


Hay, NSW




Hay Private Irrigation District (PID) engaged Aquamonix to design, supply and commission a fully automated water delivery system for the districts new pressurised pipeline scheme.

How we helped

The system uses information from remote flow meters and pressure sensors combined with an intelligent water ordering and scheduling system to deliver water to landholders as required. The telemetry and control system automatically manages all aspects of the water delivery from the initial order, delivery scheduling, then issuing the quarterly water bill.

Project Features:

• 85 x automated solar powered farm outlets
• Robust pedestal to house all equipment
• Integration with river pump control system
• Web based water ordering portal for landholders
• Automated data reporting and water billing
• Scheme members benefiting from being able to water
on demand to maximise their on farm production

Our quality assurance

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