Our purpose

For over 25 years our core business has been delivering innovative environmental monitoring networks and data platforms for automated control & warnings.

We are committed to changing the world of environmental intelligence and situational awareness through empowerment, not disruption.

What we do

We empower smart environmental, disaster, infrastructure, & data managers to mitigate risks, identify opportunities and make better decisions using world-class remote monitoring technology

At our core, we solve problems. You know the data you need. We know how to measure it, manage it, display it and use it to trigger warnings and control.

Our single minded vision is to create and support solutions that help people make informed decisions.


◦ Environmental Sensors
◦ IoT Devices
◦ Public Data & Alerts
◦ Manual Data

Telemetry / Connectivity

◦ Cellular Networks
◦ Radio (VHF, UHF & Microwave)
◦ Satellite
◦ Nano Satellite – Direct to Orbit
◦ Distributed mesh networks
◦ IoT topologies (Telstra, LTE, LoRa, Sigfox)

Data & Control Platforms

◦ Envault
◦ Cloud-based

Outputs / Notification / Control

◦ Real time viewing
◦ Reports & analysis
◦ Event triggers & alarms
◦ Data driven control
◦ Live activation (cameras, sirens, gates, lights, signage)

Our service industries


Intelligent environmental monitoring solutions for the future of our planet.


We empower communities to prepare, manage and respond to natural disasters.


Industry leading data acquisition & dissemination, allowing you to focus on your job.


Evolve your data ecosystem with integrations that transcend networks and protocols.