Cessnock Childcare Facility




Cessnock, NSW




Flood Warning System

How we helped

The Aquamonix flood warning solution continuously and accurately monitors the water level within the Cessnock Childcare facility carpark. Water level sensors integrate with an audible and visual alarming system throughout the centre, to immediately warn sta and community members of the imposing risk.

Project Features:

• Field proven water level sensing technology
• High reliability measurement and control module to drive measurement
• Audible and visual alarms inside and outside the childare facility
• Ability to act autonomously
• Low power consumption
• Communications via serial Telstra 3G telemetry

The Aquamonix project delivery team installed and commissioned the system on time and within budget. The solution provides early warning of a flood event, which allows sta and patrons timely action to minimise property damage and evacuate in a safe manner.

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