ELPRO 105U-1,2,3,4 Wireless Multi-I/O

February 19, 2021

By Viabrand

Simple-to-deploy, long-range, reliable wireless I/O connectivity

The ELPRO 105U Wireless Multi-I/O is a multiple I/O node that extends communications to sensors and actuators in local, remote, or difficult-to-reach locations. Designed with a long-range, license- free or licensed wireless transceiver, the ELPRO 105U module provides a simple-to-deploy solution to transfer process I/O signals reliably over long distances or within an industrial plant.

Capable of transferring analog or discrete I/O points, in point-to- point or point–to–multi-point situations. Each 105U product can also provide repeater functionality to extend the distance of the network and capture remote I/O points. The I/O is scalable using 115S serial expansion units at each 105U unit.


  • 148-174 MHz, 220-235 MHz, 360-512 MHz, 869.525 & 896.875 MHz frequency, and 10mW to 5W RF power options
  • Link I/O inputs to single or multiple I/O outputs (peer to  peer)
  • Reliable point–to–multi-point two-way communications combining exception reporting, self-checking, and data encryption
  • Multiple I/O channels for monitoring and controlling field devices with set point, pulse count and rate available. Additional internal I/O points provided for health  monitoring
  • Communication failure notification and diagnostics, including radio path measurement, communications logging, verification of I/O values
  • Low voltage AC/DC/battery power options, UPS battery charger and solar regulator
  • User-friendly configuration software


  • High-level alarms
  • Security gate control
  • Emergency shower notification
  • Flow meter monitoring
  • Storage tank monitoring
  • Pipeline cathodic protection
  • Pump stop-start
  • Lighting bank control
  • Weather station reporting
  • Bearing condition monitoring

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